Monday, June 2, 2008

"Fabric Scrapbooking" Submissions:

Shelly Umpherville:

Lene Tingberg:

JoAnn Marie Milner:

Amanda Laboy:

Sandy Pool:

Sarah Wolsey:

Anne Thompson:

Erin Aubichon:

Mandie Segura:

Vanessa Falle:

Jill Williams:

Kimmie Van Wormer:

Sanna-Miina Palmer:



Dana West:

Marie-Noel Voyer:

Amanda Dick:

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald:

Joanne Livingstone:

Niki Bexfield:

Shaylenne Twele:


Anonymous said...

AMAZING page Bobbi-Jo!! Phenomenal portrait!

s a n s k u :) said...

I love Bobbi-Jo's page as well! What a handsome husband you have. :) Contest is over, you win. :)

Kim said...

Cute Cute!!! Great job you guys!! I can't wait to see more!!

Amanda L. said...

Wow...these are wonderful submissions....very inspiring!

Jen said...

What wonderful projects!! Lot of inspiration here! (YAY Vanessa!!!)

the goodie box girls said...

Beautiful layouts this month!! You guys are amazing. We dread picking the winner!!