Sunday, May 4, 2008

"May Mini-Challenge" Submissions:

Keely Dines: (clear element/transparency)

Monica Ferri: (ink, paint, glitter)

Mindy Murray: (circles)

Mindy Murray: (fonts)

Krista Morris: (coordinating mini album)

Shari Elkins: (bright colors/circles)

Bianca Camille Aganon: (circles)

Jamie Elmore: (coordinating mini album)

Kahle Vincent: (large photo)

Bianca Camille Aganon: (clear element)

Bethany Engstrom: (bright colors)

Bethany Engstrom: (circles)

Maggie Goldade: (bright colors)

Tiffany Sierens: (large photo)

Marie-Noel Voyer: (bright colors/ circles)

Marie-Noel Voyer: (ink, paint, glitter/stamped image)

Joanne Livingstone: (oversize photo)

Joanne Livingstone: (mix and match fonts)

Jacqueline: (clear element)

Jacqueline: (bright colors)

Jessica Livingstone: (mix and match fonts)

Jessica Livingstone: (file folder mini album)

Monica Ferri: (circles)

Amanda Dick: (mix and match fonts)

Amanda Dick: (oversized photo)

Sylvia: (mix n' match fonts)

Sylvia: (dangling element/transparency)

Mandy Poe: (dangling element)

Amy Beier: (paint, ink or glitter)

Niki Bexfield: (oversized photo)

Niki Bexfield: (circles)

Shelly Umperville: (ink, paint, or glitter)

Shelly Umperville: (felt accents)

Erin Aubichon: (felt accents)

Erin Aubichon: (card using a stamped image)

Ashley Schultz: (transparency)

Lindsay Palamaruk: (clear embellishment)

Lindsay Palamaruk: (coordinating mini album)

Sanna-Miina Palmer: (felt accents)

Sanna-Miina Palmer: (felt accents & circles)

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald: (mini album using coordinating elements)

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald: (dangling element)

Megan: (mix and match)

Megan: Mini Album (use ink, paint or glitter)

Sandy Pool: (dangling element)

Sandy Pool: (Transparency/Overlay)

Kimmie: (dangling element)

Kimmie: (ink, paint or glitter)

Muriel Stegers: (felt accents)

Muriel Stegers:(dangling element)


the goodie box girls said...

Love the dangling element on these! I gotta try that one on my next layout!! So cute!

Kim :)

Kimmie said...

Love em!

the goodie box girls said...

I love how some of you are combining the challenges on one project or awesome!!


Mindy said...

There are a lot of cute ideas on the gallery. I am going to "scraplift" a few of these for myself. Now I just need to decide what I am going to enter! What a fun challenge!

s a n s k u :) said...

I really like Niki's "beautiful you" layout. How on earth do you guys pick the winner though. I don't envy your job. :)