Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"The 12 Days of Christmas" Submissions:


Ashley Schultz:

Kahle Vincent:

Karli Peterson:


Karen Weslosky:

Renee Lukie:

Jan Perilli:

Jan Hobbins:

Joanne Livingstone:

Diane Raskob:

Jessica Livingstone:

Trace Geworsky:

Sheri Colautti:

Lauren Hagerman:


Anonymous said...

wow! there's some really cute stuff up here!! nice work ladies!

- niki

the goodie box girls said...

Such neat projects ladies! So inspiring!

Kim :)

the goodie box girls said...

such awesome stuff, girls! thanks for sharing!!

Kristi said...

wow, I really like that paper wreath! gorgeous.

diane said...

fun stuff... nice to see everyone's work!
Thanks for sharing!
Diane R.