Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Christmas Card Exchange!"


Elizabeth Bunney:

Krista O'Malley:

Solidia Hubbard:

Juli Cragg:

Jennifer Burchell:

Marie Cluff:


Jessica Livingstone:

Sylvia Urbina:

Veronica Hupka:

Krista Bustard:

Tanya Williams:

Lauren Hagerman:

Angela Meiritz-Reid:

Alicia Hamby:

Jan Perilli:

Diane Raskob:

Alyssa Maldonado:


the goodie box girls said...

Wow!!! Such great cards ladies! It's so fun to see all the Christmas inspiration!

Kim :)

jessica said...

Elizabeth & Jennifer, I love the cards!

Anonymous said...

These cards are awesome! I will be using this inspiration for my card making next weekend!!! Great work!!!


Tamara Loewen said...

I can't believe how creative everyone is, those cards are all so cute! It's too bad my scrapbook stuff has been in hiding while we try to sell our house, or I would have loved to join in!