Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Challenge #4: Celebrate Summer!


Joanne Morris

Susanne Huettner

Dana West

Sheri Colautti

Amy Beier

Chantel Mernickle

Kahle Vincent

Tamara Loewen

Lisa Kercher

Nikki Hueston

Leah Wright

Lisa Kercher

Telah Wrenn

Kristin Robertson

Meri Angelucci

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

Niki Bexfield

Chantel Grismer:


Bobbi said...

Aww. that is so cute! Is that the sticky mesh stuff? I've got some of that - now I know how I can use it!

Chantel said...

This is actually a transparency page... 8.5 x 11 and I used a journaling stamp to make it look like this...


the goodie box girls said...

I am loving the layouts ladies! What a neat technique Chantel! Thanks for sharing...I'll have to try it! I was thinking it was the sticky mesh too!

Bobbi said...

I have to explain my layouts - I have 2 favorite things about summer. 1.being able to have fun just doing "whatever". No schedules, no specific things to do, or places to go- just to 'be'.

2. being able to finally wear my crocs EVERYWHERE! I tried to in the winter/spring but it's just to wet! YAY FOR SUMMER AND MY CROC FEET!

Krainik Family said...

Great layouts so far!

Chantel- very creative idea to use a transparency and a stamp!

Niki- Love the ribbon going across the photo, very cute!

Bobbi- Love the background on you "having fun" layout. Is it paper, ribbon, or fabric?

Meri- Love the way you did the title and the colors you used are great, very eyecatching. :)

Kristin- Love how you made 1 photo into 7 photos!

Bobbi said...

Thanks Krainik Family ;) The strips I used were paper, though I tried to implement ribbin on it, but it stuck out too much (maybe another color would have worked better). Thanks for asking!

Talia said...

Girls, I am LOVING all of your layouts!! You guys are so great and are making me want to scrap big time. Happy summer!!

the goodie box girls said...

The layouts are looking incredible! I love to see how creative everyone is! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim :)

Bobbi said...

Nikki - I love the circle idea! So fun and interesting!

Leah, I love the arrow coming out of the side of the page - draws your attention right to the adorable photos!

the goodie box girls said...

Great idea to use the packaging on your layout Chantel! I am loving the summer layouts!

Kim :)

Maurita said...

I love these pages. so many I want to "lift". okay the pressure is on to do something before the deadline. Can't wait to see what is submitted next!!