Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"go jumbo!" page submissions:

Erica Alem:

Whitney Seeman:

Krista Bustard:

Allison Cope:

Jaymie Dieterle:

Kristi Livingstone:

Erica Alem:

Mandy Poe:

Jessica Livingstone:

Ashley Schultz:

Telah Wrenn:

Veronica Hupka:

Chantel Grismer:

Lindsay Kloehr:

Ralna Nordstrom:

Jan Perilli:

Lisa Kercher:

Kristina Proffitt:

Tanya Williams:

Dana West:

Niki Bexfield:

Viviane Amaral:

Mishel Olsen:

Sheri Colautti:

Tamara Loewen:

Jessica Livingstone:

Joanne Livingstone:

Kaitlyn Krainik:

Bobbi Jo Grunewald:


Talia said...

Such cute pages, Bobbi Jo! I love that picture of your kids!!!

Remember can comment on EVERYONE'S pages right here in this "comments" section. It's always fun to share with others how much you love their work!!

Kim said...

I am loving the layouts! They make me want to scrap!

Sheri C. said...

Love the layouts ladies...
Bobbi jo, I loved your journaling and wanted to let you know I am also sooooo... anal about folding towels... they have to be folded by me and they have to be perfect... I also have to use a special fabric softner so they smell especially pretty....

Sheri C. said...

I am loving how you wrote on the picture... What kind of pen did you use to do this?
Love it!

Krainik Family said...

Sheri, Thanks so much! I have never written on a picture before, it was fun and I love the way it looks. I used a ZIG Millennium pen, I am pretty sure I found it at Michaels. I love the colors on your layout, the blue and brown are so pretty together. Your dd is so pretty too!

the goodie box girls said...

I am loving all of the layouts!! I love seeing how everyone interprets the challenge awesome!!


Lindsay said...

so excited to join in on this challenge with so many talented scrapboookers! love the title on ralna's aDORAble layout! good luck to everyone!

Kim said...

The layouts are fab ladies! Everyone is so creative!

FormerlyLisaS said...

I love Bobbi Jo's big brackets, Kaitlyn and Dana's colours (pink and orange is where it's at!) Kristina's buttons and Lindsay's whole page.

I've only just submitted my first layout here, but I can see it won't be my last. Keep the inspiration coming!

Bobbi said...

Wow! This is some of the best inspiration I've seen in a while! You ladies are uber-creative! Love something about every page!

tanya_williams said...
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tanya_williams said...

Lovin' this challenge and all of the submissions so far. I agree, the interpretation of a challenge is always interesting to me. Great jobs!

jessica said...

Niki- i love all the pictures on your lo. great job.
Bobbi Jo- love the big brackets!

Krainik Family said...

Wow, so many amazing layouts in the gallery! Everyone's pages are awesome and give me so much inspiration. :)

kristina said...

Lovin' the layouts everyone! Bobbi Jo those big brackets are very cool! Great job everyone! :)

Ashley said...

Great job on the challenge everyone! Kristi Livingstone, I love your simple layout and what a cute picture.

Maurita said...

WOW!! These are all so inspiring I feel the scrapping groove coming on. Can't wait to participate and get in the middle of all you talented gals for the next challenge. lUV IT!