Monday, September 3, 2007

"6x12" page submissions:

Kara Stephenson:

Shelley Van Alstyne:

Kahle Vincent:

Paula Tyrkalo:

Chantel Mernickle:

Holly Greep:

Brenda Magliancane:

Jan Hobbins:

Kaitlyn Krainik:

Mary Bright:

Heather Bowser:

Maurita Tollestrup:

Diane Raskob:

Jana Eubank:

Jan Perilli:

Angie Takahashi:
(Sorry Angie my computer is being funny and won't display your layout the right direction. I've tried...sorry!)

Lindsay Palamaruk:

Chantel Grismer:

Diane Raskob:

Lisa Kercher:

Joanne Livingstone:

Shannon Allor:

Jaana Olsen:

Niki Bexfield:

Melissa Greene:

Tanya Williams:


Anonymous said...

Wow, what awesome layouts. I was waiting patiently to see what everyone would come up with!!

awesome ladies...


Bobbi said...

Oh my gosh these are all beautiful! I never would have thought of doing a layout like this. Soooo pretty!

Krainik Family said...

Awesome layouts everyone! I am loving all of the great ideas that everyone comes up, you are all so creative. :)

Talia said...

Okay, you guys, I am totally LOVING all the pages this month!! Isn't this size addicting??? Super easy to fill up the page and get it done fast. I love that! You guys have such awesome ideas...keep 'em coming!!

Anonymous said...

there's some really fantastic work here this month girls!!! loving so many of them!

- niki

Maurita said...

I am so luving these layouts. Gotta get my "mojo" going (or is that my time management??) and get mine done and posted before next week. You gals are so INSPIRING!!! Thanks for the push!!

Maurita said...

is this where I post my page. I'm sorry it has been too long

let's see if this works

the goodie box girls said...

Once again there are so many incredible layouts!!! I am loving all of them!

Kim :)

Anonymous said...

Ladies what great inspiration you all are to me! What beautiful work, I'm impressed!~KAHLE

Ashley said...

Chantel, I really like your simple life layout with all of those little pictures. Great design. Thanks for the inspiration!